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Methods & Technologies

Tower Farm uses the latest methods and technologies to produce the best quality products.  Methods such as grafting, helps to grow the healthiest fruit trees.  Irrigation systems help to keep crops healthy during dry seasons.  

What is Grafting?

Grafting is the process of uniting two plants into a single plant, or tree, to use desirable characteristics of each.   Grafting doees not produce a hybrid fruit, but rather uses one tree as a rootstock and the other as the flowing part of the new tree.  These two parts are called the stock or rootstock, and the scion.  There are many benefits of grafting. In particular, it is a fast and dependable way to grow a new tree — much faster and easier than growing from a seed. Grafting can also help produce fruit trees that are more disease and insect resistant or more cold hardy.  It is widely used to produce dwarf and semi-dwarf trees, which are small than standard fruit trees.     


Just like any other fruit tree, grafting an apple tree has distinct benefits.  You can replicate good traits from other trees while supressing bad ones.  Grafting an apple tree can encourage qualities like disease and insect resistance, cold hardiness, and fruiting ability.  You can even grow more than one kind of apple on the same tree by utizing certina grafting techniques.    

Tower Farm uses the latest methods to 
produce the best products

Below:  pictures and videos of tree grafting on Tower Farm


Irrigation System on Tower Farm

See video below irrigation photos